Playtest Dublin 2

boardgame prototype, playtest, Playtest Dublin


Prototype Dublin 2 took place in August 29th, once again in KC Peaches, Dame Street.  This time we had more designers, more players and more games! Nine games showed up, seven games were played, and a couple more than once.

After a couple games enough people had arrive that we could split up and play three games at once. I’m glad because more games were played, even if I didn’t get to play them all!

As for my games, Sinking and Agent Decker hit the table. Decker hasn’t changed since it was submitted to the contest but Andrew wanted to try it out.


Agent Deegan beat the game but he didn’t like the Hawk one bit.

I updated Sinking with feedback from the previous playtest, but will write a proper post to talk about those. All I’m going to say is that it steered the game in the right direction!

Can’t wait for the next one.

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