Playtest Dublin

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A month ago (July 25th) Dublin’s first meetup for boardgame prototypes was born! Organized by Colum Higgins, Playtest Dublin was a joyful afternoon full of laughter and good ideas.

The venue was KC Peaches in Dame Street, central enough so everyone can reach it. They provided a room where we could hang around comfortably and play for hours.

Eight people showed up and seven games were played, followed by a healthy discussion on what was good and what could be improved. The games covered a big range of genres from drafting to blind bidding to a social experiment that didn’t require any components at all.


The meetup went so well it kept going past its planned closing time and everyone asked for it to become a regular event. The second meetup is going to take place in a couple of days (August 29th) and I can’t wait!

Thank you for getting the ball rolling Colum!

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