My first official review!

Agent Decker, boardgame, boardgame prototype, competition, media


During the development of Agent Decker there were a lot of personal achievements:

  • first time participating in a game design competition
  • first time releasing a game this early in development, and iterating based on that feedback
  • first time releasing a game as a print and play
  • first time having fan made digital versions of a game

Today I got my first official review! Will James from Geekdad printed his own and had really nice things to say about it. You can read it here.

It made my day!

2 thoughts on “My first official review!

    1. Thanks! I’m looking at the several print on demand services and that DriveThruCards seems to be the best for a game that’s composed mainly of cards. It’s the first time I used such a service, so I’ll probably be running some print tests to see the how the quality is, and ideally I’ll be able to leave it there for people to order their own copies.

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