Agent Decker v0002 is out!

Agent Decker, boardgame prototype, competition


The new version is out and brings new challenges:

  • Mixed Costs: These costs are very high, but you can use any combination of Fighting and Stealth to pay for them.  This is my attempt to fix those situations where you only had the wrong currency for every card in line. Watch out for the revamped Mission 4!
  • Rebalance: I’ve been getting a lot of feedback on and offline, and updated several cards to make the game flow better – and remove some exploits!
  • Difficulty: After playing it for a while it became pretty hard to judge the game’s difficulty. I didn’t find it hard, but I knew every single card so I could plan differently. I had to get the game out there to hear it from the player’s mouth, a fresh different point of view. Turns out most people finished the whole campaign on their first attempt, which might leave them with a first impression that the game is too easy. Why would they ever come back?  The game is now harder! The question is… is it too hard now?

You can get it for free here!

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