Agent Decker

Agent Decker, boardgame prototype, competition


Agent Decker is a mission-based deckbuilding game for one player where you’ll acquire gear and skills by facing obstacles. The alarm raises every turn, so you must pick who you take out. Do you go for the cool weapon, or take out the security camera?

You’re a rookie spy straight out of spy school, and the yellow deck of cards represents what you can do: Punch or Hide.  These are the base cards of each of the game’s two currencies, Violence and Stealth.


As you defeat obstacles you learn new skills and get gear. For example, you can defeat an Armed Guard


…to get a machine gun! That will give you four “Violence” when it appears again.

I’m developing it for the 2015 Solitaire Print and Play Contest on Boardgame Geek, so it will be available as a free print and play PDF when it’s done. For now there’s only the handwritten paper prototype, but soon there will be a prototype version you can test. It’s the first time I’m letting the internet play one of my games before it’s finished, so I’m pretty excited (as well as terrified)!

I’ll post about the game’s design and progresses here, but the best place to follow every step of the development as well as player feedback is at Agent Decker’s WIP thread.

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