Design isn’t over until release, right?

Carousel, Multiuniversum


Good news everyone! Carousel got picked by a publisher! I’ve been working with Mesaboardgames to make it as good as it possibly can.

There have been some radical changes, but the core remains intact. It’s still about combining and getting the most of those pesky action cards.

First off, the theme. I tried a simple one because it made it easier to explain. You’re a postman and you’re delivering packages across several locatoins. I believe that made talking to publishers a lot more fluid, and good ideas sprang from there.

Second, the coin tokens became envelopes. It’s now harder to guess the other player’s score just by looking at their stash. Suspense!

The biggest change og all though, was giving each player its van. There’s a lot less  upkeep and it allows you to plan your next moves on the other players’ turns.

After a couple radical changes it’s become a more interesting game, with added interaction and strategic depth. These changes need more testing, of course.

Next time I say something is finished, please ignore it. Carousel is still going round and round!

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