Gangster Carousel

Carousel, Multiuniversum

After unveiling it at the second Arcádia meeting I’ve playtested Carousel about five times now. The player feedback was really good, even better than Sinking!

The first playtest showed the different action cards (four cards times 10) were too few. Sometimes all the cards in your hand were the same. At first I tried using Nandeck (suggested by Sérgio Martins) to make the new batch. It looks really useful but the permutations it was giving me were way too similar so I ended up doing them myself. They’re all different now.

Seems like it started only yesterday but Carousel has already caught the eye of a publisher. Nothing is set in stone yet but I’ll listen to their suggestions. I have kept it abstract so far but they’d like it to be about gangsters robbing a bank so I’ll put that in. It’s easy to bring that theme to the game, but it will definitely need a new name! Worry not – I’ll update the tags and buttons so you can easily find all the relevant posts about it.

Ludum Dare 23 takes place in about two weeks, so stay tuned!

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