Prototype update: Hold on to that piece of wood!

boardgame prototype, event, Sinking

Finally the new wooden tokens have arrived! The coins stacked up nicely but the cubes take up less space, allowing me to print smaller boards if it need be. It brings a more familiar, warmer feel to the game which works well when opposed to the cold crew member pieces.

I tested the game again with a new player and he got sort of confused about the way the ties are solved. I had a couple of different situations with specific rules, but it seems like a unique universal answer is a lot easier to memorize, so I’ll be sure to try that out. That’s what I get for not cancelling them out like most games do! I do get why they do that though, and I’ve been tempted to do that as well because it has the potential to add to the mind game and scatter the resources in interesting ways.

That’s all fine and dandy, but here comes the real question: Did I win? No.

Showing the game at Eurogamer Expo was nice, I got to meet some of my idols and definitely got some people curious about the game. Showing it as part of my design portfolio seemed to pay off because too many game designers pay attention to videogames exclusively and they end up running around in circles. There are a lot of fresh ideas in boardgames that haven’t made it to videogames yet, and I believe clever designers will eventually pick that up and run with it.

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