Prototype updates – tidying up the board

boardgame prototype, Sinking

The first playtest sessions made me change several parts of the player boards.

First I rethought the relevance of some of the most expensive actions and added new actions which could be paid using any resource token. It’s easy to end up with duplicates of any given resource and not know what to do with them.

Then I switched the order of every action on the board and placed arrows on the lower corners of the actions so the players know in which order they get resolved. It was left to right, top to bottom the first time and players got confused. Now its order curves as you reach the edges, so they can follow a line from start to finish.

Even though the Attack and Defend rules changed from the first playtest session their titles didn’t change (yet!).

The boards were printed in slightly double the size to fit multiple tokens in the action zones – and that made the current board shields useless.

The previous shields were too small and light, and could easily fall down if you weren’t holding them in place, so I got new thick cardboard to hide the boards. Now every ship is a fortress! They’re seriously huge, heavy and look like Dungeons & Dragons DM screens. To be honest I’m sort of worried they’re too big.

This is how it looks now when it’s set up:

Next up: what did the players think of it?

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