I’m a game designer of both digital and analog games. You might have played one of the games I worked on while at Romero Games, Resolution Games, InnoGames, Gambrinous, Digital Furnace, SixMinute, Miniclip or Gameinvest.

I love to play around with new ideas and concepts of play. With a trusty notepad by my side, you’ll often find me sketching new ideas or looking for people to play with.

I’m currently working at Romero Games, Galway.

You can always follow me on Twitter or say “hello!” at hello (at) gamesbymanuel (dot) com

13 thoughts on “About

  1. While surfing the web, I have accidentally found “Agent Decker”, an excellent game that has captivated my wife.
    Any suggestions so that it can be played with 2 players?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Agent Decker was designed with only one player in mind, so I don’t have a suggestion other than both players planning the turns together. I’ve played it like this and it can be very enjoyable.
      On the other hand Superhot: The Card Game is based on Agent Decker and has both co-op and competitive modes for two players.

  2. Thanks for your kind answer, Manuel.
    I will try your suggestion. Regarding ‘Superhot’, its aesthetic and its elements of violence exert a strongly dissuasive effect on me.
    Anyway, muito obrigado.

  3. I’d like more info on grow your own adventure. It looks like an origami salt cellar/fortune teller, but how did you fold it after making the cut?

    1. Hello Vincent. Part of the reason why I didn’t distribute it was that I was having trouble explaining how to fold it to the correct place, but I’ll try to explain this one.
      As you can see from the photo where it is spread out, the page is folded in half through the middle. The top part is folded to the front and the lower part is folded to the back. if you bring the sides together you end with two parts you can fold to either side, and that is used to create “pages” you can fold during the story.

      1. Waaaaiiiit, I think I figured it out. It’s not a salt cellar fold. It’s just folding into a small square? So then the question, do you fold parallel to the cut or perpendicular to the cut?

      2. If I understand correctly, it’s perpendicular to the cut, but top and bottom in opposite orientations. It only folds into squares if that whole section is folded as well, otherwise they’re rectangles.
        You can see it in the last image on the game’s page.

    1. Thank you! The tools vary greatly depending on the project. I’ve never had a chance to pick which tools were used when working with a team.

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