Pool by Miniclip revamp released!

Pool by Miniclip


The new version of Pool was released earlier this month! I’ve been working on it for the past six months. It has a lot of new features including a level progression system, unlocks, ingame currency and tables with varied stakes – and unique cue awards!

The new features are explained in Miniclip’s blog: here and here.

It’s breaking studio records every day, and climbing facebook game charts. The number of daily active users went up to 1.300.00. There’s 92736 players online as I write this.

Players voted it Miniclip’s Game Of The Year.

New features will roll out the next months, and I can’t wait to see the player reaction. I’ve been playing it too, so come say “hi” if you see me.

If a year ago you’d told me about this I wouldn’t have believed you.

3 thoughts on “Pool by Miniclip revamp released!

    1. If you want to use a YoMe you can create one in Miniclip’s website and if you login through facebook you’ll get your profile picture as your avatar.

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