Eliminating player elimination

boardgame prototype, Sinking

I was asked why I chose to include player elimination in “Sinking”. The question intrigued me. It made sense with the sinking ships theme so I didn’t really think twice. Everyone is sinking and the winner is the one that managed to stay afloat.

They explained to me it’s considered an old-fashioned mechanic which is frowned upon nowadays, so now I can see why and I’ll tell you so you won’t make the same mistake. It’s suited to some games, but not all.

In my quest to try and publish my game I had to further define who my target player is. I reached the conclusion that it’s suited for family play due to the light complexity of the mechanics and rules. Well, let’s imagine you’re playing this game with your kids and one of them loses. You don’t want to tell him “Now go and find something to do while we finish this game”, do you?

I don’t.

That’s why I changed my game.

Now when the first player sinks to the bottom the game ends, and the player’s positions on the water board define who’s second, third and so on. This simple change made it a lot more family-friendly.

2 thoughts on “Eliminating player elimination

  1. Sounds good. It even adds a new strategic component -> The 1st “If I can sink the last this turn I win…”. However, besides that the game also seamed to have a “run away leader” don’t you think so?

    1. That extra strategic element is welcome!
      I see what you’re saying about the runaway leader but from what I saw so far that seems to depend on the players alone. A player with more resources will usually get tangled in more ties and lose some of them. That said, I need to playtest this change to check if the final turn’s actions should all be solved even after the first one hit the bottom from one of the first actions.

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