Playtest update – pirate ties

boardgame prototype, playtest, Sinking

Yesterday’s playtest had two neat surprises:

  1. The game is balanced now
  2. I won at my own game for the first time

I finally reached the fine balance I was looking for. I took notes about the problems I noticed in this session, but they were only about solving the several types of ties that can happen mostly at the start of a game. I won’t change the player boards for the next sessions, this version seems like a winner so I’ll play it until it breaks.

Speaking of winner, I finally won! It took 12 play sessions  but I did it. That’s how you know the game isn’t rigged – though now you can argue I’ve been changing my game so that I can finally win.

Also, if you’re hanging around Lisbon check out MOTELx! Besides the horror flicks there will be a Horror-themed Boardgames and Roleplay session from 19h to 5h from Saturday through Sunday. Come by Cinema São Jorge and give your brain a workout! All the cool kids are doing it.

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