The idea

boardgame prototype, Sinking

So, about that idea…what is it?

Well…in this boardgame you’re the commander of a sinking pirate ship and you must decide how you send off your crew to complete several tasks and keep you afloat.

You do this via a blind bid playing method. Players hide their playing board, place their bids on the several actions, all reveal their bids at once and succeed in the ones where their bid was the highest. That means you can get a lot of actions done for cheap if you pay attention to what the other players are doing – and bet on what they’re not.

This allows everyone to play in simultaneously turns, which keeps the game flowing.

It’s a tight situation where players have to make sacrifices, play tricks on others and attack them to survive, but you know how pirates are. They’re ruthless!

The last player to stay above the water wins!

I won’t write the detailed rules because they keep changing with every flaw I spot at playtest sessions, but stay tuned for the next step: prototyping!

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