Robot Rage


Robot Rage is an arena fighting game game where players fight using custom robots they’ve assembled. As they win fights they’re rewarded with currency, which can be used to repair and upgrade their robots. Win enough medals and new stages become available, along with even more powerful robots.

It is the revamp of a beloved game series!

I did design consulting for Robot Rage, mostly to do with the robot’s shapes, weapons and balance.

It’s no longer available but here’s a video:

4 thoughts on “Robot Rage

  1. My friends and I loved robot rage and would play occasionally. Sad to see it officially offline. When did this come to be? How was your experience with the game and the widespread acceptance of it. What are you plans with robot rage in the future?

    1. I’m not sure exactly when it went offline as I lost touch after I moved on to other projects.
      I had a fun time working on Robot Rage it but I wasn’t an active member of the development team. I took part in early brainstorms regarding the game’s meta, progression and interface, and kept in touch with the team at a distance as we were in separate countries. Later we participated in weekly online playtests which generated a lot of feedback.
      I don’t have a say in Robot Rage’s future. That’s up to who owns the license, who I’d guess is still Miniclip.

  2. This was my favorite game I always wanted to pay to get the Venom tank which was the most overpowered and it makes me extremely sad that this game doesn’t exist anymore. Im 15 and yet, would do anything to be able to play this game again. This was like no other game, it was my absolute favorite miniclip game. When this went offline I started playin 8 ball pool but never forgot this game. Robot Rage 😦

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