Agent Decker


Agent Decker is a mission-based deckbuilding game for one player where you’ll acquire gear and skills by facing obstacles. The alarm raises every turn, so you must pick who you take out. Do you go for the cool weapon, or take out the security camera?

Here’s how it plays:

It’s free! You can get the print-ready files for free here

As a stretch goal for SUPERHOT: The Card Game Board & Dice released a version with brand new art by Paweł Niziołek.

The game was made for the 2015 Solitaire Print and Play Contest on Boardgame Geek, and they really liked it:

2nd Best Overall Game

1st – Best Medium Game
1st – Best New Designer
1st – Best Game with No Board
2nd – Best Greyscale Game
2nd – Best Written Rules
3rd – Best Hotel Game
4th – Most Innovative Mechanic
4th – Most Thematic Game
5th – Best Artwork


Also, it’s the first time fans were supportive enough to make their own digital adaptations of the game:

BGG user Chad Mestdagh created a digital version of Agent Decker in VASSAL, a tool where you can create and play boardgames. You can get it here and Steam user mew AKCat created a digital version of Agent Decker in Tabletop Simulator. You can get it here.

Board & Dice recently picked up Agent Decker for publication! If you want to know all about it please subscribe to the BGG page, where we’ll be posting more news as the new version of the game is developed.



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